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Supporting Women in Blues Project

MBAS is proud to support the ongoing development
of the Supporting Women in Blues project.
Event conducted TBA

Gold coin donation to contribute to costs
Sessions are publicised on Facebook.


About The Project

Supporting Women In Blues aims to support, encourage and mentor women either currently playing or who would like to have a go.

Founders - Jen, Michelle, DianaThe project in the making has been fueled to date by Jen Hawley – respected guitarist/singer, Michelle Johns, keyboardist and Diane Forster.

We share a common personal passion to foster and develop increased opportunities for women in our music community.

This new project has the support of the Melbourne Blues Appreciation Society.

How It Works

The plan for each monthly meeting is to have a different guest musician from the Blues scene to perform as a feature artist and also provide mentoring. We aim to empower women with an interest in music at any stage of their development to move forward from where they stand now, whether that’s from the lounge room to the stage or from a little stage to a festival stage!

This group is also about feeling supported, networking, creating a community and developing skills in various areas including the more technical aspects, in other words, it is not just about performance.

We plan to cover many different topics over the course of the year, including some of the following ideas:

  • Stagecraft
  • hand percussion
  • mixing
  • group singing
  • harmonies
  • mic technique
  • playing together as a band
  • improvisation
  • getting gigs

House Rules

  • This is a safe space. Encouraging each other is what it’s all about!
  • The mentor is the only one to provide feedback. This includes volume on stage.
  • Please accept constructive feedback graciously if you’re on stage.
  • Playing/singing is voluntary – no pressure to perform.


7.00 to 8.00

  1. Back room session with Jen Hawley. Jen will be leading a small workshop for musicians wanting to learn to play the Blues. This is for developing players, all instruments welcome. We’ll be covering grooves, riffs and improvising. Two new songs each month.
  2. Social time/dinner in the front room. Diane Forster will be programming the jam at this time too, so if you want to play later, catch up with Di before the concert.


Mentor/feature artist concert and Q and A session.


Jam for those inclined to have a sing or play.


Further Info

Info, monthly dates, songs and photos




Photos supplied by Greg Fisher


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